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  (마지막으로 업데이트한 날자 : 07/03/2005) 




 Microprocessor / Computer관련 기사



Small form factor, low cost development boards available for i.MXL, i.MX21

Yosemite kit lowers PowerPC 440EP evaluation time, costs

Fujitsu proposes 3-petaflops supercomputer

Tiny Linux computer has high hopes for robotics apps

Application processors use ARM11 for multimedia

Design chips the Intel way; on Centrino, says Intel

AMD plans 64-bit Sempron processors

Cambridge Consultants introduces tools for RISC processor core

Intel's Long-Range Processor Plans

Fan-free Pentium-M boards run Windows CE 5.0

Orion unveils 96-node personal supercomputer

China's BLX unveils 64-bit processor

Ampro releases four Windows CE 5.0 SBCs

ARM prepares "Tiger libraries" to enhance next processor

AMD set to launch dual-core Opterons

Intel plans 64-bit Celeron push

AMD unveils virtualization platform

Intel debuts 64-bit 'Truland' chips, tips 'Paxville'

Tricks with PICs

8-bit MCU boasts 12x speed from single-cycle 8051 core

Smart motes mean new life for 8-bit MCUs

Epson claims the world's first flexible 8-bit asynchronous microprocessor

Cray to deliver supercomputer to U.S. Army Corps of Engineers



 Nano technology 관련 기사








Writing drivers for common touch-screen interface hardware

Developers hold key to Apple's X86 success

Lauterbach makes Nios II C/OS-II, eCOS RTOS aware

First open-source integrated Ada and C++ development system hits the market

A picture is worth a thousand lines of code

Survey says: software tools more important than chips

New C++ analyzer helps engineers assess code before simulation

European anti-software patents leader quits

Xilinx free development system supports Linux

Software emulates TI chipset

Software engineering is NOT an oxymoron

Patriot Scientific Announces GNU-C/C++ Compiler Software for IGNITE-Based Embedded Processor Applications

Is Linux Worth the Effort?






Symphony EDA rolls out VHDL simulator

With more tools in the box, system-level design gains traction

IP verification panel advocates standards

Linux comes with a price, says DAC panel

Designs better be holistic, says DAC keynote speaker

STMicro releases book on SoC design breakthrough

Emerging DFM, verification technologies most exciting, CTOs say

Whizzy new tools dangled at DAC

Sierra's Pinnacle No. 1 thing to see at 2005 DAC, according to Deepchip.com

DESIGN TOOLS: Synthesis tool adds support for SystemC

ST halts open-source FPGA project

Hardware modeling said to speed embedded systems development

New verification tools intended to bridge system-level with RTL

What designers need to know about TCAD

A practical approach to design reuse

Flomerics releases enhanced PCB design software

Mentor Graphics joins CE-ATA group, begins IP work

Bluespec adds cosimulation to C models

Intel's Singer calls for 'platform-oriented' tools

IBM VC calls for 'open' hardware

IBM exec calls for system-level tools

XML provides language for hardware specification

Hard macro tool accelerates verification cycle time

Simulink adds Verification and Validation tool

Visual Embedded Design ? Say Good-bye to C and Assembly Coding

Verification requires new methodologies, panelists say

Aldec blends SystemC, HDL debugging

An introduction to PLM for EDA






Philips starts 65-, 90-nm chip design in India

VC-seeking Adiabatic Logic joins ARM community

Platform ASICs a natural fit at 90 nm, say DAC panelists

Search for lower power continues at DAC

Intel unveils all-CMOS WLAN transceiver

IBM debuts low-power ASICs at 65-nm

China to build 20 new fabs by 2008

TSMC unveils 65-nm process, production due December

Adapter sets enables reuse of 1,396-pin BGA ICs

Silicon Strategies' updates list of 60 emerging startups

Intel backs Manchester self-timed logic startup

Shift to 65-nm designs likely to be quick

A methodology for DSP-based FPGA design

Structured ASIC speeds peripheral design

Configurable processor scores best in office test, Tensilica says

eASIC expands to South Korea

Panelists peer into future of FPGAs

Costello's analog automation pioneer, Barcelona, to fold

Low-Cost, Flash-based FPGAs Deliver “instant-on” Performance

Xilinx Shatters Price/Density Barrier for Low Cost FPGAs with New Spartan-3E Family Starting at Less Than $2.00

Mentor's Rhines sees programmable IC future

What platform ASICs are and when to use them

Reducing false errors in clock-domain crossing analysis



 신기한 기술들



Firm demonstrates 'control-by-thought' chip

Lithium ion battery recharges in one minute

Chip pushes twisted-pair copper to 10 Gbits

 Nanotubes promise fuel from water


 Display Technology



Vision, Smart Image Sensors, and Tomorrow's Digital Cameras

Samsung, Microsoft deepen relationship with HDTV games

OSTAR LED sets new size and brightness standards

Fujitsu exits PDP business



 Memory / Storage



Low-profile memory modules come in 512-Mbyte and 1-Gbyte densities

NAND market hit by MP3 slowdown

2.5-inch hard disk drive features perpendicular recording technology

Samsung's 8Gb solid state disk uses NAND Flash technology

Hitachi shows hard drive with 230 Gbit per sq. in.density

Ramtron touts 1-Mbit FRAM as drop-in replacement for SRAM

Elpida, Toshiba claim world's fastest DRAMs

Design Resource Gives More Inroads for NAND Flash Based Designs

Toshiba and SanDisk Develop 8-Gigabit NAND Flash Memory Chip

How memory architectures affect system performance

100-Gbyte mini drives debut






20-GHz frequency counter has near-zero acquisition time

PIC flash MCUs deliver 40 MHz at 3 Volts

How To Analyze Digital Video Transport Streams with Tektronix' MTS400

Microchip shrinks 10Base-T Controller to 28-pin package

16-bit converters optimized for precision measurement apps

Video crosspoint switch replaces multiple parts in discrete alternatives

Surface-mount device removal kit eliminates lead

15-watt wall supply plugs in anywhere

New sampling technique underpins 100-GHz-bandwidth scopes

How to Drive RGB LEDs in Mobile Phones

Staying Alive with Discrete Power

No more mess, no more tangled wires

8051-based MCUs go lead-free

Powering FPGAs

Scope Wars: Round 2

Specsmanship wars? Agilent Technologies, Tektronix go head-to-head over instrument noise on high-end scopes






RF Engines studies signal processing for U.K. MoD

Philips demonstrates imaging based on magnetic traces

Next-gen Bluetooth software enables wireless streaming of music

Wideband FPGA-equipped signal processor plays in Windows PCs

Synfora releases new version of Pico Express

Generic 2-wire I2C software added to open source

Ethernet Goes Wide

Robots' future in hobbyists' hands

SQUIGGLE motor shrinks in size, boosts precision

Will USB have an impact on test-and-measurement users?

USBTMC Unwrapped

Palm founders start artificial intelligence company

It All About the Bits

MPEG licensing basics

Holographic alliance planned to accelerate standardization

Entering the Backplane Fast Lane



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